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Hi looking to -w 4 m- meet new friends. I'm sexy girl :::

Looking To Form Duo (WAXHAW) LOOKING TO FORM DUO I play guitar, bass and sing lead and harmonies. Looking for; First choice; percussionist w/strong lead and harmony vocals. Second choice; guitar/bassist w/strong lead and harmony vocals. Third choice; strong lead and harmony vocalist. OR Whatever else you may bring, as long as you can sing. Looking for people with at least semi-pro experience and stage time. Would like to do up tempo tunes from any genre’ that we can pull off, but stay away from the obvious, mundane set list that everyone seems to do. I’m open to most anything, as long as we can “sell it.” (musically and monetarily). I have gear and rehearsal space. Feel free to call, email, etc. Lyricist looking for Band or Writing Partner. LGBT (Pasadena) Lyricist looking for a Band or Writing Partner. I have taken classes with famed songwriter Jason Blume. I have recorded a demo with a musician. My musical taste is very VAST! I enjoy every single Genre there is of music! That doesn't mean I like everything that one Genre has to offer. My lyrics vary from topics, some would be Mainstream, others Indie or Experimental. Some topics, death, love, isolation. I am 29. I'm Gay but some of my lyrics deal with that topic but not all. I don't play instruments, but I do have ideas of what musical instruments I want played on my lyrics. I'm great with hooks. I would be like the Richey Edwards of the Group. He was in the band Manic Street Preachers. Only serious people. Looking to write some new tunes Looking to bring together a small group/band to work on original songs. Group identity will depend on what each one of us brings to the table. Me: I'm a bit of a mixed bag, can play guitar, drums, and a little synth. Late 20s. Free on weekends, possibly weeknights if close. I love really melodic popular music, a little on the heavier side. Muse, deftones, smashing pumpkins. You: Easy-going. Not interested in playing covers. Likes to have fun and not take it too seriously, but willing to put the work in at the same time. Multi-instrumentalist would be a plus I'd like to find a female vocalist that writes lyrics or poetry, but then again, wouldnt everybody? Let me know if you're interested! Hopefully we can write some killer songs and book some gigs. Looking for a good vocalist/ guitarist to jam with. Preferably a good songwriter, my strengths are in arrangement and composition. I have great range and control. I sing it all: country, rock, r&b, jazz, big band, pop, etc. Reply if you want to meet up and/or discuss schedule and ideas. Hey out there :) My name is Bear, I love to play guitar when I can, i'm ok, need practice, hence this post lol I live in Nashville and can find ZERO groups of folk who like to meet up and play guitar, not even on "Meet up" So, if you fancy playin out a bit and just jamin some tunes message me back Bass player and vocalist available for professional level projects. Demos available and I am fully equipped gear wise (see pics). I work in technology and as an actor and am looking to perform evenings most likely in bars/small to medium venues for whatever the going rate is for a party/cover band. I anticipate the genres will include rock, country, blues and I anticipate playing mostly well known covers and popular party music. I am originally from UK and am a Beatles/Stones/Oasis British Invasion guy. But I love American music equally. Please check out my resume and links and let me know if interested. Pictures include some history (I started in a choir) and that’s my Dad performing with Peter Sellers back in the day. Also some other flyers I have previously posted for other projects. I also DJ, host open mic/karaoke events and anything to do with putting on shows. I am a guitarist whose band recently disbanded. I play mainly grunge and classic rock(Zep, The Who, Floyd, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, STP). I am open to anything that's good. Looking for people to play with and possibly form a new band to play out with or to join an existing band. If your a bassist I have been in touch with several drummers who have other guitarists who are looking for bassist, to form a band. I am not looking for a pro situation, just to have fun and possibly play out. The F.A.P. Station needs another lady to replace the old one. Of course you can sing but do you got the goods. Our front babe has gotta look hot. Not gonna lie you need to has some tits & most def a booty and where a sexy lady dress on stage. If you r girlyfriends can sing to they can come and chill. We got weed and Mikes hard all day/night. Home boy even has a garden *wink wink* Lemme kno when is cool. We usually practice musicing at 1 or 2 but have to stop before 530 pm wich totally fu*ken sucks but its a living its wtf we do ;) I'm down af, lets rock this bitch up and down the coast. Peace!
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